Boneheads Restaurant

Ballantyne restaurant located in the Stonecrest area of south Charlotte, offering a family dining experience. Catering available.

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The Boneheads Story

Boneheads Restaurant, conveniently located in the Stonecrest Shopping Center just off Rea Road and I-485, offers fresh Grilled Fish and Chicken Dishes that are mouthwatering and will leave you begging for more. Located in the Ballantyne area of South Charlotte, you’ll enjoy quick, healthy food at a great price that it simply delicious!

When you come in, simply choose your entrée while watching our grills off to the side make your dish come to life. Enjoy a nice glass of wine or beer with your food and relax as we bring your food to your table. While you are dining with us on Friday and Saturday evenings, you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying our live music. Whether outside in the courtyard or inside tucked in the corner, the music will add just the right amount of ambiance making your dining experience delectable and enjoyable.

At Boneheads we like to say adventure is the spice of life. We also like to say if you've perfected the spice of life, why fry it? Whether you're having a party or simply want to spice up the lunch hour at work, Boneheads brings that mouthwatering Piri Piri Chicken and Grilled Fish right to your door.  Never had our Piri Piri Chicken, allow us to paint the picture. Piri Piri is a tiny pepper that grew wild in a tiny South African nation, and as the Portuguese people discovered all the fantastic spices and sauces they could create with the pepper, explorers soon became settlers.  The beautiful flavors that the Piri Piri sauce brings out in the chicken and fish is one that you have to try. What’s more, by using spices with the natural herbs and oil to make marinades, bastes and dipping sauces it’s a process that is healthy yet flavorful and will literally make you crave more.

Do you have a party to cater? Are you a business, a hospital, doctor’s office or clinic? We do a great deal of catering in and around the Charlotte area for both personal parties as well as business needs.  Please, review our current catering menu and call us at 704.910.5180 for more information or fax your order to us directly at 704.910.5181.

Whatever it is about the Piri Piri pepper, the unique and unforgettable flavor that lives here at Boneheads, the nutritional food that we serve and the economical cost that we offer we are committed to making your dining and catering experience one of the best! We invite you to take the adventure and savor the spice of life for yourself.

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