Wilson's Natural Landscaping, Inc.

Wilson's Natural Landscaping offers residential landscape design, build and installation services, natural stone work, drainage systems, monthly plant service and garden management, as well as, the installation of large trees & evergreens.

About Us

First and foremost, Wilson's Natural Landscaping is an environmentally conscious firm with a goal of providing sustainable, synergistic landscapes. We implement projects from design through management. We specialize in the installation of large trees and evergreens ranging from 8' to 30' in height. These plants provide instant screening, privacy, immediate shade and a mature landscape. Naturalization of areas using plants that are proven, hardy and drought resistant. are very important in our current climate. This design also promotes a shift from the paradigm of a turf/work filled yard to an environmentally enhancing, aesthetically pleasing, resilient, cost effective landscape.

Our Plant Management/Gardening Programs enhance your existing landscapes health and aesthetics. Our approach entails professional plant inspections (checking for pests, fungi, overall plant health) , hand pruning, organic based fertilization programs and our trained professional eyes! These programs are specifically tailored to meet the need of each specific landscape and client.

We also work with natural rain runoff areas to create rain gardens that keep the water on your property and put it to use- while naturalizing and beautifying. Learn more about Wilson�s Natural, what we do, or contact us to get started today!