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Palmetto Distillery's New Whiskey Line

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 25, 2015 Contact: David Wilson, Phone: 803-603-2711

PALMETTO MOONSHINE REBRANDS AS PALMETTO DISTILLERY AND LAUNCHES NEW LINE OF WHISKEY HONORING THE PALMETTO STATE. (Anderson, S.C. June 25, 2015) Palmetto Moonshine rebrands as Palmetto Distillery to continue to grow and bring new products to market. To celebrate this occasion Palmetto Distillery is releasing Palmetto Whiskey; Scheduled to hit the liquor shelves of South Carolina in early July. The inspiration for Palmetto Whiskey comes from the South Carolina Dispensary. A state controlled monopoly on liquor sales in South Carolina which operated from 1893-1907. Palmetto Distillery’s mission is to create a whiskey that honors the history of South Carolina’s spirit industry and the deep connection the brand has to the Palmetto State. This whiskey is born of southern tradition and crafted in the image of the South Carolina Dispensary.
“We wanted to create a smooth tasting whiskey in the tradition of the Dispensary that honored South Carolina’s spirit and that I would be proud to serve anyone, from a redneck like me to royalty,” said Trey Boggs, Co-Owner
“With the launch of the Palmetto Distillery and the release of Palmetto Whiskey our current goal is to bring awareness to the heritage and the history of the South Carolina Dispensary. We are honored and proud to represent South Carolina in all these different geographic locations and hope to continue to do so for the foreseeable future,” said Bryan Boggs Co-Owner Palmetto Whiskey is 21% rye matured in new French oak to achieve unparalleled taste and quality. The amber hue draws you in; the notes of caramel and vanilla combined with a smooth finish keep you coming back. The bottle is crafted to represent those of the South Carolina Dispensary founded in 1893 and at 89.3 proof it does justice to our State’s proud history of spirit production. Palmetto Distillery is a labor of love for Trey and Bryan Boggs. The two brothers and entrepreneurs from Anderson, SC are dedicated business men, southern to the bone and most importantly liquor enthusiasts. The brothers drew inspiration from their own heritage and that of South Carolina to create Palmetto Distillery which produced the State’s First Legal Moonshine and continues to revolutionize the spirit industry. Palmetto Distillery produces 25,000 cases per year, distributing to 25 states and five countries.

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